5 ways to detox your home for your kids

You have probably read that the average person is exposed to about 200 chemicals per day. While this is quite an exposure for a grownup, it is even worse for your children because their organs are still in the developments stage. As a result they are harmed more easily when getting in contact with toxic substances. But there is no need to panic – we prepared a number of steps you can take to detox your kids’ lives and protect their health.

1. Pretty much everything you have in your home is off-gassing to some extent. Whether it is your sofa, your mattress, or electronic devices, they all release microscopically small particles into the air. This is one aspect that leads to all the dust in your home. Whenever you can you should therefore clean your floor, but also do not forget to air out your home. Getting fresh air reduces the chance of your kids’ lungs getting harmed by toxic dust.

2. Remove all products in your kids bathroom that include toxic preservatives like parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde. Products that contain such ingredients sit on your children’s skin all day long and could compromise their health. Saying no to conventional personal care products will reduce chemicals exposure where it matters most: right on your kids body. Instead you should switch to natural products. Think of it this way – if your kids use natural ingredients with natural nutrients like vitamins on their skin, not only are you putting an end to chemical exposure, but you are also providing them with more skin nourishment that strengthens their health.

3. Here’s something you can do to protect your kids’ lungs: avoid aerosol products that have non-spray alternatives. The best alternative to chemical odor enhancers inside your home is to simply open up your window and letting in some fresh air. If you think there is no other way and you absolutely have to use aerosols, then open a window and run your ceiling fan to get rid of these chemicals asap.

4. If you have a young teenager living in your home then remind her to wash any products off her face as soon as she gets home instead of waiting until she goes to bed. A few hours without chemical exposure to her skin can add up to several years of her lifetime which is worth the while.

5. Stop washing your dishes with conventional dish soap because they are packed with dangerous ingredients. The problem is that most of these dishwashing liquids leave behind a chemical film that will mix in with your kids’ food the next time they eat. Switch to a safe brand without any ingredients that you would not want to end up in your kids’ bodies.

If you follow these steps then you will be able to decrease the chemical exposure within your home significantly. Your kids’ health will definitely be in better shape and as a parent that is what you want to achieve.