What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight And Get In Shape?

With the New Year already picking up speed, weight loss has never been more complicated; with medical professionals continuing to push the same old advice while pharmaceutical companies prepare to unveil another batch of ineffective weight loss treatments, one would be forgiven for despairing in the face of what might seem like an impossible task.

What is the best way to lose weight and get in shape?

Weight loss might be difficult but it is far from impossible; and success lies, not only with determination and perseverance, but a willingness to adapt. According to the Lean Belly Breakthrough Method, there is no such thing as the perfect method of losing weight.

Rather one can only take steps to find those tools that work best for their specific situation, some methods of approaching the weight loss problem including the following:

Group training

Sometimes the key to getting the best out of your diet is to simply find assistance. This could be a personal trainer or the members of a group exercise class. Either way there can be no replacement for the support and encouragement one gets from persevering alongside other individuals in the same circumstances.

If you have been struggling to maintain your diet and exercise regime in the past year, the key to success this year just might be group training.


Rather than continuing to stumble through your exercise sessions and dieting habits, as so many people tend to do, it might be in your best interests to invest some time into creating a weight loss plan. A strategy that outlines your goals and the exact means through which you intend to meet them. A weight loss plan will help to focus your energies and allow you to adapt your approach to losing weight depending on its efficacy.


The meals you eat will have the greatest impact on your weight loss goals. Beyond merely steering clear of gluten, sugary foods and oily meals, it might be in your best interests to place special emphasis upon proteins. Taking into account their role in building muscle, proteins have been proven as effective tools for losing weight, typically because they will boost the body’s metabolism, allowing for excess and unhealthy fat reserves to be burned at a faster rate.

Whether accessed through protein shakes or via the consumption of lean meats, proteins need to become a common presence within the meals of any individual intent on losing weight.

Naturally perseverance is essential for success, a willingness to stick with a given weight loss strategy, this being the reason individuals seeking to lose weight are encouraged to find diets they have the highest chances of sticking with throughout the years.